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The major factor separating us from most other marketing agencies providing SEO is that we offer Exclusive Rights allowing only 1 franchise per PMA. This practice enables us to provide top quality service without creating any conflict of interest. A couple of the other major benefits of working with LeapFrog is that we only use 100% Original Content and work with almost all website providers knowing the ins and outs of each of their CMSs. If needed we apply custom CSS to our content allowing it to adapt properly to your site. Our clients find this as a huge plus if they are currently happy with their website provider but unhappy with quality of their provided SEO.

We offer SEO packages that will provide the value you need and the results your dealership deserve! Need solid SEO content for your Model pages? Got it. Looking for a company that knows how to do comprehensive keyword research? That’s us, too. What about great foundational OnPage? Done! LeapFrog Marketing has years of SEO experience in the Auto Dealership world. We know how to make sure your website is what Google want sot see, by performing a comprehensive site audit. We know how to get you high quality, high relevant backlinks with out 3-Tiered Backlink Program. We know how to craft content that both Google and your visitors will appreciate.



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